Welcome To Coin School

The coin information center is the place to come to learn more about coins. Eventually, we will have a wide range of information and data sources that will be useful to anyone wishing to learn about coins. To begin with, we start with the following information sources.

Grading - Coin grading is an art and a science. It is the most important (and controversial) factor in determining the value of most coins. A beginner's guide to grading is presented here.

Grading Services - This page offers some links to a couple of the best grading services.

Cool Coin Links - This page offers a "Top Ten" coin pages.

Coin Identification - If you want to identify a coin, try here.

To learn about the coin marketplace, you will want to look at the Channels for Selling Coins page and the Channels for Buying Coins page.

See information about Coins as an Investment .

The coin hobby has had some challenges in recent years. The hobby problems page is an attempt to review some of the problems, and possible solutions. The most important thing we can do is to take action. This page gives some suggestions.