Looking to sell your coins?

To be successful selling coins requires knowledge. A rudimentary introduction to how the coin market works can be found on the Channels for Selling Coins page.

One channel that works for a lot of people is selling directly to a coin dealer. American Coin is an established coin store that's been around for over ten years. We are always interested in purchasing your coins. You can use us as a normal mail order coin dealer. Mail us your coins, and we'll mail you money. The offer will be competitive with what you could get walking into a local coin store, but with greater convenience.

price list

The minimum prices we are willing to pay for problem free coins. Of course, many coins warrant higher prices due to date/mint mark rarity and other reasons.

You can check to see what your coin could be worth Here for a general overview.

The benefit is, you don't have to do any legwork. You don't have to learn anything about your coins. You get your money quickly without a fuss. Please let us know if you have any feedback