Packaging and Sending Coins

Packaging and sending your coins to American Coin is one way to get an estimate of the value of your coins with a minimum of fuss. You can send them via United States Postal Service insured mail to:

Dave Hur / ACC
American Coin LLC
1170 S State Str
Orem, UT 84097

Please follow these instructions:

  • Do not use adhesives, tape or glue on the coins as this may damage the coins
  • Do not clean or tamper with the coins as this may damage or reduce the value of the coins
  • Do not ship coins in letters or envelopes
  • Register and INSURE all packages you are sending to us
  • Securely double box all contents (see details below)
  • Call American Coin at 801-235-9090 or 800-771-2646 before sending anything to us
  • Include a letter of contents and a return address, phone number and email

Be sure to include your return address inside the package. Do not clean or otherwise tamper with the coins, as this will likely reduce their value. If you want an estimate prior to sending the coins, please complete our Contact Us section and send it to us for a preliminary offer.

Of course, a final offer is dependent upon the condition and appearance of the coins, which we cannot entirely accurately assess through e-mail. Many of our offers have beaten the prices offered on our price list by hundreds of dollars because rare coins were included in the collection.

Packing Your Coins

When packing your coins, you don’t need any special shipping materials; however, you should avoid using any adhesives, tape or glue that would contact the coins directly. To safely mail your coins, I recommend that you secure the coins individually or roll or box them collectively so that there is little to no movement as movement can damage the coins. Always double box your shipment—by putting your box of coins securely into another larger box. Packing your coins carefully doesn’t mean that each individual coin has to have its own holder. Larger number of coins can be safely put into paper rolls you can get from your bank prior to shipping.


If you are shipping a lot of coins in one box, be aware that the post office’s equipment may break your package open. If your package is broken open, we can’t be responsible for coins that don’t arrive. Please use strong cardboard, reinforced on the corners with strong tape. Unfortunately, this has happened on more than one occasion. We believe all the coins arrived, but have no way of being sure. You don’t need to bother sorting your coins (other than perhaps into denomination for secure shipping), or counting them or labeling them. It doesn’t particularly help us.

Make it Easy for Us to Contact You

It would be very helpful if you would include an email address and phone number when you send your coins, that way, if there is a question, we can contact you. Coins that come in the mail without contact information other than a return address seem suspicious and we want to make sure that any coins you would send are handled properly.